Decanter ⁄ centrifuges are the most frequently used
in the wide range of industries.
Our patented design makes longer lifetime and lower
maintenance costs due to excellent abrasion resistance.

How-It-Works & Features


The horizontal-axis Decanter Centrifuge is basically composed of; the bowl, generating the centrifugal force; the screw, propelling the deposited cake; the gear box, differentiating the speed; the casing, shorouding the rotor; the inlet pipe, supplying the slurry; the bearing housing, bolstering the bearing; the base plate, supporting the rotor; the anti-shock rubber (or spring/shock absorber) bed, decreasing the vibration; the motor, providing the power. The slurry input from the inlet pipe deposits toward the outer wall fast revolving bowl, which providers several thousand times bigger force than gravity.

The deposited cake in the outer wall moves slowly toward the cake outlet by the screw, which rotates with slightly diffrentiated speed from the bowl. The separated liquid(comparatively low in specific gravity) from the slurry is accumulated in the central area and discharged from the liquid outlet consecutively through the overflow valve.

NEOTECHS Co.,Ltd. Providers a full array centrifuges which are designed to deal with wide spectrum of slurry matter and separation purpose. These centrifuges are best suited to overcome the near impossible separation conditions distinctively to other conventional methods.


  • Wide range of application - Petrochemical, waste water treatment process and food industry etc.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance - Patented design
  • Low operating costs - With hydraulic differential speed system
  • Low residual moisture contents - Achieved by high spin speeds
  • Enhanced performance


  • Samsung Petrochemical TA Crystals Process
  • Samsung Petrochemical CATALYST SLURRY Process
  • Hanwha Chemical CM2 Process
  • Enserve
  • Suwon Water Treatment Plant
  • Nambu Water Treatment Plant
  • Seonam Water Treatment Plant
  • Tancheon Water Treatment Plant
  • Onsan Water Treatment Plant
  • Hwamok Water Treatment Plant


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Plastics (chemical)            
Foodstuff and additives             
Fine and specialty chemicals             
Mining and minerals             
Waste water processing field